Sunday, 25 August 2013

I actually agree with TheAmazingAtheist on extending the First Amendment to YouTube.

TheAmazingAtheist, TJ, thinks that YouTube should function as a phone company.

"Your phone company might cut your service if your harassing someone or something, I suppose. but they’re not going to cut your service because you espoused unpopular political beliefs on a phone call. "He wrote on his Tumblr.

I am actually for the idea that YouTube should function more as a phone company.
You pay for their service, and if you want to use it for commercial uses, then you pay even more. If you want to use long distance calls, you pay even more. And the ability to charge extra for the HD service sounds great. And just like a real phone company, they will not allow you use your service to scam people.
So I am all aboard the idea.</sarcasm>

And if you want to know my feelings on what I think about the supposed attack on ATHEISM, read this:
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