Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sources for Top 50 Dumbest Things In Spirit Science 12

50: It is spelled testament.
49: It is spelled Atheism.
48: Angels are not real. Footage from Dogma. 47: Survival is not equivalent of the meaning of hell. Footage from The Princess Bride.
46: Edgar Cayce was a fraud. Footage:
45: Scientists don't accept polar shifts.
44: And this is just not true.
43: Charles Hapgood was a historian, not a geologist.
42: This is just pure speculation, with no basis in science or anything.
41: No such thing has been observed. Footage from X-Men: The Last Stand
40: How convenient. Footage from Zoolander
39: What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
38: The Sumerian writing system, Cuneiform script, was replaced by the Phoenician alphabet
37: The Aboriginals can not communicate via dreamtime. This has never been observed. Footage from Clerks
36: No evidence of this. Footage from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
35: Animals don't communicate through thougts. They don't communicate out of emotions.
34: Reincarnation has not been proved, ever.
33: Star Wars is not a documentary. Laser don't work that way.
Footage: Star Wars Episode IV
32: The earth is not alive.
31: There has been a reasonable explanation for all the disappearances. Footage from BBC - What Happened To Flight 19?
30: This is not true.
I like how they refer to Einstein as modern science. (He died 10 years after ww2). History Channel is not science.
29: I.. I don't know, okay? It's just stupid. Footage from Demolition Man.
28: This is supposed to be 13,000 years ago. It was also dry back then:
27: There is no recorded incident of this.
26: I have never heard of this, and given that I have worked with ~1500 musicians, I find this quite improbable. In all the research I have read about acoustic resonance, I have not come across this even once.
25: There are at least 60 male gods alone on that picture.
24: There is no evidence for the existence of these tablets, nor their indestructibility.
23: Sure if we discount scientific evidence for plate tectonics, the evidence for the occurence of storms, volcanoes etc..
Footage from Ghostbusters.
22: That is clearly the atmosphere.
Footage from Atmosphere - Hockey Hair
21: Holographic and solid gold? That is impossible.
20: No it doesn't.
19: Again it would seem that they having even done the slightest of research, and just accept anything without question:
Footage from 12 Monkeys
18: The Sphinx isn't that old.
That sign is not a sign of life.
17: I have nothing.
16: It is not scientific fact that there was a global flood.
15: There is no evidence of polar shifts happening within a day.
Brief is relative in geology.
Footage: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
14: There is still no evidence of this, neither is there any evidence of humans being effected by magnets.
Footage from Atop The 4th wall - Superman At Earth's End
13: I'd like to see some evidence for that, please.
12: Only the outer layer was built from the top down.
11: Yes, he came so much out of nowhere, that his father,Amenhotep III was the previous ruler of Egypt.
Akhenaten's real name was Amenhotep IV.
Footage: Dream Evil - Immortal
10: This seems a bit more advanced:
9: 7 is 7? Whuuut? And just briefly after the Lord's Prayer, this happens:
8: To be fair, they said there was little evidence for this. I would rather say there is no evidence, what so ever.
I looked through Paramount pictures, and I could not find any evidence of them opening King Tut's tomb.. except this:
The opening of King Tut's tomb, was done by CBS.
Why should Paramount have to pay for filming?
And a wall of light? Ehmmm
7: Well this just goes against all we know about biology.
Footage from Penn&Teller: Bullshit. Episode: Mt. Rushmore.
Footage from Kenneth Miller on Intelligent Design.
USA did not raise up from the ocean less than 13,000 years ago.
5: We are not physically advanced compared to many species. We are not that fast. Not that great at jumping. Not that strong.
Footage from Freakazoid - The Chip Part 1
4: Life could have existed on Mars.. 3.8 billion years ago.
Footage from Duck Dodgers - In The 24th½ Century
3: There is no solid evidence for any change on humans during the full moon.
If any, rapes would be fewer, due to better illumination.
2: Sure we are unable to build giant ass buildings. Just not happening.
Footage from
1: And then we found it couldn't exist because of Plate tectonics.
Footage from Madagascar

Clips used throughout from Futurama - The Cryonic Woman.


  1. Man, I like your video and you did the research well. Thanks for taking time to also site your full list of sources. That being said, I kind of hate to bring this up for shame of siding with these new wave pseudoscienctists but I would like to draw attention and reconsideration of #32.

    "It is at least not impossible to regard the earth's parts—soil, mountains, rivers, atmosphere etc,—as organs or parts of organs of a coordinated whole, each part with its definite function. And if we could see this whole, as a whole, through a great period of time, we might perceive not only organs with coordinated functions, but possibly also that process of consumption as replacement which in biology we call metabolism, or growth. In such case we would have all the visible attributes of a living thing, which we do not realize to be such because it is too big, and its life processes too slow." — Stephan Harding , Animate Earth


  2. wikipedia aint even reliable source