Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sources for Top 50 Dumbest Things In Spirit Science 12

50: It is spelled testament.
49: It is spelled Atheism.
48: Angels are not real. Footage from Dogma. 47: Survival is not equivalent of the meaning of hell. Footage from The Princess Bride.
46: Edgar Cayce was a fraud. Footage:
45: Scientists don't accept polar shifts.
44: And this is just not true.
43: Charles Hapgood was a historian, not a geologist.
42: This is just pure speculation, with no basis in science or anything.
41: No such thing has been observed. Footage from X-Men: The Last Stand
40: How convenient. Footage from Zoolander
39: What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
38: The Sumerian writing system, Cuneiform script, was replaced by the Phoenician alphabet
37: The Aboriginals can not communicate via dreamtime. This has never been observed. Footage from Clerks
36: No evidence of this. Footage from Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
35: Animals don't communicate through thougts. They don't communicate out of emotions.
34: Reincarnation has not been proved, ever.
33: Star Wars is not a documentary. Laser don't work that way.
Footage: Star Wars Episode IV
32: The earth is not alive.
31: There has been a reasonable explanation for all the disappearances. Footage from BBC - What Happened To Flight 19?
30: This is not true.
I like how they refer to Einstein as modern science. (He died 10 years after ww2). History Channel is not science.
29: I.. I don't know, okay? It's just stupid. Footage from Demolition Man.
28: This is supposed to be 13,000 years ago. It was also dry back then:
27: There is no recorded incident of this.
26: I have never heard of this, and given that I have worked with ~1500 musicians, I find this quite improbable. In all the research I have read about acoustic resonance, I have not come across this even once.
25: There are at least 60 male gods alone on that picture.
24: There is no evidence for the existence of these tablets, nor their indestructibility.
23: Sure if we discount scientific evidence for plate tectonics, the evidence for the occurence of storms, volcanoes etc..
Footage from Ghostbusters.
22: That is clearly the atmosphere.
Footage from Atmosphere - Hockey Hair
21: Holographic and solid gold? That is impossible.
20: No it doesn't.
19: Again it would seem that they having even done the slightest of research, and just accept anything without question:
Footage from 12 Monkeys
18: The Sphinx isn't that old.
That sign is not a sign of life.
17: I have nothing.
16: It is not scientific fact that there was a global flood.
15: There is no evidence of polar shifts happening within a day.
Brief is relative in geology.
Footage: Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
14: There is still no evidence of this, neither is there any evidence of humans being effected by magnets.
Footage from Atop The 4th wall - Superman At Earth's End
13: I'd like to see some evidence for that, please.
12: Only the outer layer was built from the top down.
11: Yes, he came so much out of nowhere, that his father,Amenhotep III was the previous ruler of Egypt.
Akhenaten's real name was Amenhotep IV.
Footage: Dream Evil - Immortal
10: This seems a bit more advanced:
9: 7 is 7? Whuuut? And just briefly after the Lord's Prayer, this happens:
8: To be fair, they said there was little evidence for this. I would rather say there is no evidence, what so ever.
I looked through Paramount pictures, and I could not find any evidence of them opening King Tut's tomb.. except this:
The opening of King Tut's tomb, was done by CBS.
Why should Paramount have to pay for filming?
And a wall of light? Ehmmm
7: Well this just goes against all we know about biology.
Footage from Penn&Teller: Bullshit. Episode: Mt. Rushmore.
Footage from Kenneth Miller on Intelligent Design.
USA did not raise up from the ocean less than 13,000 years ago.
5: We are not physically advanced compared to many species. We are not that fast. Not that great at jumping. Not that strong.
Footage from Freakazoid - The Chip Part 1
4: Life could have existed on Mars.. 3.8 billion years ago.
Footage from Duck Dodgers - In The 24th½ Century
3: There is no solid evidence for any change on humans during the full moon.
If any, rapes would be fewer, due to better illumination.
2: Sure we are unable to build giant ass buildings. Just not happening.
Footage from
1: And then we found it couldn't exist because of Plate tectonics.
Footage from Madagascar

Clips used throughout from Futurama - The Cryonic Woman.