Monday, 4 July 2011

Is Geert Wilders far-right?

At least he is far-from-right. Now with that extremely poor joke out of the way, let's get to the business.
Pat Condell (from YouTube) made a video about BBC and in it he complained about BBC being liberal, and alike, because they were calling Geert Wilders, the dutch MP for far-right. 

In an interview with RNW, Radio Netherlands WorldWide, Wilders proclaimed his newfounded party, Party for Freedom, (Which has nothing to do with Beastie Boys) were more right than his former party VVD. "Tensions immediately developed within the party, as Wilders found himself to be to the right of most members [of VVD], and challenged the party line in his public statements"
The original of this statement is no more. 

This and not allowing Turkey into the EU led Wilders to create his own party. 

Even thou André Krouwel put Wilders' party, PVV, onto the center of the map
, if we are to believe Wilders himself, he should be right of VVD. Which is, in fact, very right wing.

So yes, Geert Wilders is far-right. And especially on the issue which he is known for, he is extremely right-winged. When it comes to immigration, he is far-right. There might be other issues where he is not that far-right. 

And actually Pat's accusation of BBC being liberal, reminds me of an old saying here in the Danish mediabusiness. It was that all the mediaoutlets voted for Radical Left (the party), and in order to be something big in there, you also had to vote B.. 
Of course it was not true. Even thou it would explain why I am still looking for an apprenticeship.. 

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