Wednesday, 16 May 2012

There Is No Fare Amount Of Striving For Peace, When You Deal With Certain Individuals

Maybe it is my cynical nature, maybe it is my experience. I reckon to say it is a collection of both, that makes me think that the person who shall not be mentioned, is unredeemable. I am addressing this to HappyCabbie, which is why you will perhaps see the pun in the title. Or maybe not.
The individual who shall not be named, let's call him Gabriel, is a known abuser of the DMCA, HC.
He used the DMCA to get the name of straightd0pe. And failed. But more importantly, he also obtained my personal information. Which he was so kind to share.

I have of course blacked out certain information.
So my question is, HC, why the hell are you helping out Gabriel?
He does not deserve any help. He let himself into this mess.
Especially since he has said this:
And was behind this:
And this:
And not to forget:
If you misuse the DMCA, you have no right to complain when it happens to you. Gabriel never claimed those videos, after my counter-claim. 
Peace is not achieved by helping Iran (Asia) to build nuclear warheads. Sometimes the best thing to do for peace, is to let the person drown in his own urine.

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