Saturday, 18 February 2012

Wonderful Wholesome Whoretrolls Whining.

I was thinking about doing a video about this, but I then decided that I just couldn't be bothered. Plus, I really want to get this blog going again. So Thunderf00t replied to my  tweet.
But I want to bridge the gap here, and explain to Mr. Mason why the user Ametspeaks or triloaded or whatever name he uses nowadays, is a troll. Or if he is not a troll, then why you should not favorite any videos by this guy.
So let's show what Amet has said here:

An outright ban [on porn] will solve almost all of the problems. What exactly do you think of this idea?  So Amet clearly thinks that porn is harmful.
He wants to keep the internet clean. This is a guy you are favoriting videos from, f00t. Is this something that you agree with? If they are able to do so with porn, I reckon they could do it with everything, right?
Especially since Amet has produced such pictures as:
Amet also have a habit of refering to people as antisemitic.
 And he likes to insult people (me), with lame insults:
"Cock polisher" "femiboy" "weirdo" "cock whisperer".. But, sure go ahead you can still support him, but if you look carefully you can see it says "2 down 1 to go" which is refering to my second strike on my account thunderf00t. Amet is for censorship. Amet wants my channel destroyed. Tell me, do you still think you should be supporting him? Amet supports J-dub. Who flags channels, thunderf00t. He flags down channels. He even admits it. Do you get this?
"The pope is deh man.." Is because Amet is supporting (pope)J-dub in taking down channels. J-dub who is friends with Brett Keane, who you are well aware of, I assume. The person who claimed that Coughlan was using Sub-for-sub software, that straightd0pe (Who you are subscribed to) is a troll,  that Coughlan is a racist and a troll and that Coughlan flags people. Why don't you support him then, TF?
Amet is also against fair use:
I don't need to show you Amet videos doing exactly this, do I?
And just another nail in the coffin, what does Amet say about abortion:

So just to summarize this, Amet is not pro-choice. Amet is pro-censorship. Amet is against porn. Amet likes to insult people. And still you support him, thunderf00t? Why not support VenomFangX while you are at it?

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